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Renowned Air Freight Company CargoMaster uplifts air freight all around Australia and around the world.

The Managing Director of CargoMaster (Grant Carroll) has been involved in the air freight industry for 35 years.


Domestic air freight company


CargoMaster is one of Australia’s most trusted Air Freight Companies and is an an Australian based air freight specialist. CargoMaster  offers over 35 years experience organizing the urgent uplift of time sensitive air freight. CargoMaster services include air freight for big ,bulky and heavy air freight. Domestic air freight for all types of air cargo and large domestic air cargo projects. If you need to move domestic air freight Australia wide, call CargoMaster.


Domestic air freight services include Same Day Air Freight Australia-Wide (when flights will allow) and overnight air freight Australia to all major Australian Cities including, Darwin, Hobart, Launceston, Canberra, Newcastle, The Gold Coast, Mackay, Townsville and Cairns and most regional centres too! CargoMaster has many years experience delivering to mine-sites remote locations all around Australia. Same Day Air Freight with CargoMaster (he fastest way to move air freight) services are available Australia wide (depending on the time of day!) call CargoMaster if you would like too know more about Same Day Air Freight. Same Day and Overnight Air Freight Services available from Perth to Australia’s North West. Same Day from east coast Australia to the North West. CargoMaster also offers Overnight air Freight to most North West Australian towns and selected mine-sites. Domestic air freight movers around Australia via a Melbourne Hub with a freighter service to Launceston 4 nights per week. Air Freight Specialists with 35 years experience and KNOW-HOW are few and far between CargoMaster  air freight services include Domestic Air Freight charter to almost anywhere in Australia (or around to pacific and PNG!) with a runway! Various air freight charter air craft are available, positioned around Australia, the biggest being a 737 freighter. CargoMaster specializes in time sensitive Fragile, Valuable, Large, Heavy or Bulky domestic air cargo services  freight that needs to be there FAST! Most of CargoMasters domestic air freight customers are Australian businesses looking to move air freight around Australia quickly and cost effectively. CargoMaster will assist with HAZ air freight too! CargoMaster moves all types of air freight, the list is endless. If you need to move urgent air freight, even after hours CargoMaster is the Domestic Air Freight Company to call!

international Air Freight Company


International Air Freight Company CargoMaster offers bonded warehouses in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide and Darwin and handles a variety of international air freight from Australia’s gateway ports of Melbourne and Sydney (limited international air freight departs from Perth, Adelaide and Brisbane too) . Weekly international consolidation services are available from Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth. International air freight can be deferred or direct. International import air freight is available (for heavy air cargo) from most overseas countries, CargoMaster has an extensive International Air Freight Network, developed and established over 20 years! CargoMaster can assist with classifying your international freight for customs. CargoMaster offers International Air Freight from Australia to most major centres. As with domestic air freight CargoMaster handles a huge variety of commodities both into and out of Australia. If you need to move time sensitive international air freight cost effectively and quickly call CargoMaster for help.